Wooting built the best gaming keyboard — now a new model introduces ‘Rappy Snappy’
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Wooting built the best gaming keyboard — now a new model introduces ‘Rappy Snappy’

Wooting’s 60HE is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, gaming keyboards on the market. That’s all thanks to Rapid Trigger, a feature that speeds up how quickly you can activate a key to respond in games like Valorant or Counter-Strike 2. Now, Wooting is launching the 80HE, a larger keyboard with an 80 percent layout. It comes with a new “Rappy Snappy” feature that combines with Rapid Trigger to make it even faster to pull off moves like strafing and bunny hopping in games.

“Rappy Snappy is our new spin on Rapid Trigger, so it compares two keys together and the one that gets pressed the furthest is prioritized,” explains Wooting CEO Calder Limmen. “You could, for example, use it on your A and D keys to make counter strafing more snappier.”

If Rappy Snappy and Rapid Trigger aren’t already fast enough, Wooting is also using what it calls a “true” 8KHz polling rate on the 80HE, which should allow it to report keypresses to a computer eight times faster than a typical keyboard. (You’ll find a similar feature on Razer’s recent BlackWidow V4 75.) And just like the 60HE, you’ll also have adjustable actuation to control the keypress travel before key activation.

Everyone had been asking Wooting to make a tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard with its Rapid Trigger feature that SteelSeries, Keychron, and others have copied, but the company decided to go with the slightly more compact 80 percent layout instead. Compared to the 60HE, the 80HE offers an F row, arrow keys, and a cluster of keys that includes delete, page up / down, insert, pause, and print screen.

The Wooting 80HE is very much an 80 percent keyboard and not a TKL. Image: Wooting

The Wooting 80HE will ship in ANSI, ISO, and even JIS layouts, with the option to pick between a PCR plastic case and a more expensive zinc alloy. It’s all mounted on a silicone gasket mount that should improve both the sound and feel of typing. You can also configure your own “Module” variant, with the option to pick between Lekker linear 45 and 60 switches or Gateron’s Jade switches. Wooting will also supply double-shot keycaps or etched ABS ones if you don’t want to use your own set.

The base PCR version is priced at $200, including keycaps and switches. If you step up to the zinc alloy version, then that’s $300, and prices for the Module version start at $185.

Wooting is opening a “Founders’ Campaign” for the 80HE today, allowing anyone interested in the keyboard to preorder one within 31 days to receive a free switch pack, a unique Discord role, and your name on the 80HE page. At the time of writing, more than 6,000 orders have been placed and more than €2.1 million (about $2.3 million) raised. Wooting is expecting to deliver the first batch of 80HE keyboards in August.