As Blue Beams Rain In ‘Helldivers 2,’ There’s One Player On The Cyborg Homeworld
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As Blue Beams Rain In ‘Helldivers 2,’ There’s One Player On The Cyborg Homeworld

Blue Beams


It appears we cannot go more than a day or two without some new Helldivers 2 mystery, as the GM-controlled game keeps dishing out new live story content involving the playerbase as its pawns, intermixed with new additions to the game at the same time. It ain’t the normal patching process, that’s for sure.

In the wake of the successful deployment of Termicide in the Umlaut sector, two fresh mysteries have emerged.

1. Blue beams are now visible, occasionally, shooting down from the sky. They almost look like stratagem calldowns, but so far as we know, they are not that, and players are wondering if this is some Automaton ploy or even something from a new enemy faction on the verge of arriving. Naturally, Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt has come out to say both that they aren’t real, and they can’t hurt you.

2. For a brief period of time, there was a single player that was on Cyberstan, an already liberated planet in the Valdis sector. Even if something is under Super Earth control, you just can’t…go there, so everyone is wondering who was there and why, with many speculating it was the GM Joel plotting something. If this was another planet, you maybe could dismiss it as just a bug.

The planet in question


But this is Cyberstan, the homeworld of the Cyborg Nation which has an…interesting history. Here’s some lore:

“Cyberstan, the Cyborg Nation’s homeworld, is a barren snow-covered wasteland on the galactic fringe. Whenever it is conquered by Super Earth, the Cyborgs are then “democratized” by force, coerced into the voting booths by the threat of losing their civil rights. Super Earth’s Army Tactical Command invariably stations troops on the planet for a period of 5 years to “keep the peace and run government positions”, after which period the Cyborgs’ culture is supposed to have transitioned to a “fully democratic” one (by Super Earth standards). Meanwhile, the Super Earth Construction Company (SECC), a government contractor, takes over the massive forges and industrial complexes of Cyberstan. Eventually, inevitably, another bombing starts this whole cycle anew.”

So, blue beams? Someone hanging out on Cyberstan? This sounds like a set-up for the next major order, and perhaps some sort of rebellion on the planet. As far as we know, the Automatons are creations or descendants of Cyborgs, and I wonder if we might be getting fully new Cyborg units, if Cyberstan does end up being a plot point.

We will probably know at reset time next week, until then, watch the sky for blue beams and watch Cyberstan for more Joel sightings, or whoever it is.

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