Like a Dragon Gaiden All Gold Ball Locations
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Like a Dragon Gaiden All Gold Ball Locations

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name has a total of 7 Gold Ball collectibles. Finding 1 of these is required to earn the Gotta Catch Some Balls! trophy & achievement, and finding all 7 is required to finish the Akame Network request Gotta Catch ’em Balls!

Most of the Gold Balls can be found/purchased as soon as you have access to the location where they are found, except for the final one which only appears when you accept a specific Stroll n’ Patrol request available late in the game. Once you have obtained all 7 you are prompted to finish the request for them, where you can obtain one of a couple possible rewards that amount to a reward between 1 million – 1.5 million Yen.

Gold Ball Locations

Sotenbori: Kiss Shot Billiards & Bar – Trade for 777 billiard pts. You will earn enough pts from completing the Normal One-Shot challenge required for a trophy as long as you don’t waste the points on other items.

Sotenbori: Ebisu Pawn Sotenbori – Purchase for 77,777 yen.

Sotenbori: Daytime River Boat – Specifically during the daytime (not during Evening or Night) the sightseeing boat will move back and forth along the river with a man standing on the front. When the boat is close enough to either of the bridges you can grab this ball with :sq: using the Spider grapple.

Sotenbori: Akame Shop – Trade for 777 pts. The Gold Ball is available in the third set of inventory items that are available after purchasing the “I’m aimin’ to have a bit o’ everything!” investment option for 150,000 Yen.

The Castle: Fighters Lounge – In the Fighters Lounge area (accessible at Silver Rank) go slightly down the stairs leading back to street level and look up between the legs of the large statue, grab this ball with :sq: using the Spider grapple.

The Castle: Castle Central Street – Left of the Casino entrance, look into the building where there are a number of people standing on conveyor belts. Wait for the man in the mask to rotate close to you where you can grab this ball with :sq: using the Spider grapple.

Sotonbori: Shofukucho Street – This is the only Gold Ball with a more involved requirement to obtain it. You first need to accept the Stroll n’ Patrol mission “Solve the Mysterious Note”, which will appear during Chapter 4.

Speak to the man sitting on the north side of the river, and he tells you of a mysterious note. The note will direct you to a location on Shofukucho Street near Syoufuku Hotel which has the turtle pillars. Look on the awning of the building directly north of them where you can grab the ball with :sq: using the Spider grapple.

That’s all of the Gold Balls in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

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