Lies of P All Gesture Locations
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Lies of P All Gesture Locations

Lies of P contains 17 Gesture Locations. Unlocking all Gestures is needed for the Learning about Emotions trophy & achievement.

Gestures are obtained by playing through the story, by completing side quests, and by reading specific letters. Not all Gestures can be earned in this same playthrough as some are tied to giving specific Lie or Truth answers. Below is a list of all Gesture locations and how to obtain them in chronological order.

Krat Central Station

  1. Sit: available from the start.
  2. Check Ground: available from the start.

Hotel Krat

  1. Show Off Clothes: when you reach Hotel Krat for the very first time, speak to Antonia.

Elysion Boulevard Entrance

  1. Remembrance: shortly after the start of the area, you will find two puppets throwing electric bombs. Continue along the next few rooftops until you can see a ladder on your right. Get up to the rooftops and kill the two puppets, then carefully drop down the hole at the end of the second rooftop. Kill another puppet and exit the room on your left, then left again to enter another room with a white couch. Collect the Frozen Man’s Letter, then open the Collectibles menu (Letters) and read it.

Workshop Union Culvert

  1. Stalker’s Promise: when you meet the Red Fox and Black Cat for the first time, go up the stairs right of them and continue through the rooms until you can find a hole in the floor. Drop down and defeat the Survivor.

Venigni Works Control Room

  1. Fear: obtained for talking to Venigni when you first meet him near the Stargazer.

Hotel Krat

  1. Swagger: exhaust all possible dialogs with Venigni after defeating King’s Flame, Fuoco. WARNING: there are reports of this Gesture being missable if you don’t talk to Venigni immediately after returning to Hotel Krat after defeating King’s Flame, Fuoco.

St. Frangelico Cathedral Library

  1. Pray: when you first reach St. Frangelico Cathedral Library, talk to Sister Cecile in the room left of the Stargazer. Collect the Holy Mark you can fine on a table by a side room with a safe, then return to her. Now proceed to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus, then return to Cecile’s location to get Cecile’s Written Confession. Open the Collectibles menu (Letters) and read it. WARNING: this Gesture is missable if you don’t return the Archbishop’s Holy Mark to Cecile BEFORE fighting Fallen Archbishop Andreus.

Malum District Town Hall

  1. Taunt: obtained for defeating The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood main boss.

Hotel Krat

  1. Clap: obtained for returning the Portrait of a Boy inside the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s hideout after defeating the Eldest.

Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

  1. Sad: obtained for completing Julian the Gentleman’s side quest. You can find Julian the Gentleman next to the Stargazer. Talk to him and accept his quest to retrieve her wife’s belonging. Later on, once you reach Rosa Isabelle Street proper, you’ll be able to collect the quest item needed to complete the side quest (it’s in your path, hard to miss). Then, return to Julian choose between “I saw the message she left, saying she loves you” to lie or “I’ve never seen that happen before” for the truth.
    WARNING: this Gesture is missable if you tell Julian the truth. Must be obtained during the Lie playthrough.

Grand Exhibition Gallery

  1. Respect: after defeating Champion Victor and obtaining the Saintess of Mercy Hall Key from Simon Manus, retrace your steps and take a right down the stairs to go back to the greenhouse. Then, open the gate to access the Statue and unlock this Gesture.

Grand Exhibition Conference Room

  1. Beg: return to the Stargazer and continue on. Eventually you’ll reunite with the Red Fox and the Black Cat. Talk to them and they will be asking for some Gold Coin Fruit. Give it to them and you’ll unlock this Gesture.

Hotel Krat

  1. Greet: after defeating the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster of the Swamp, return to Hotel Krat and speak with Antonia to obtain this Gesture. WARNING: this Gesture is missable and can only be obtained if you had Giangio craft the medicine for Antonia after defeating Champion Victor and telling Polendina that he should give the medicine to her.

Hotel Krat

  1. Anger: obtained for speaking with Antonia after defeating Corrupted Parade Master.

Arche Abbey Outer Wall

  1. Happy: you’ll eventually reach a room with two narrow beams in the middle. Continue to the bottom floor and ride down the elevator past the traps to find Test Subject 826. Talk to him to obtain this Gesture.

Ascension Bridge

  1. Entreat: after defeating Laxasia The Complete, enter Sophia’s bedroom and talk to her. You will obtain this Gesture after the conversation with her.

These are all the Gestures in Lies of P. For all other Collectibles refer to Lies of P Collectible Guide.