Drivers won’t need to text while driving with KikaGo
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Drivers won’t need to text while driving with KikaGo

Multitasking while driving can be dangerous, especially if you are trying to navigate an unfamiliar route. The danger becomes even more heightened if others in the car are creating a noisy environment. Hoping to make this everyday situation much safer, Kika Tech unveiled KikaGo, a USB-C charging cable that has a noise-cancellation microphone built into the plug, at this year’s CES conference.

KikaGo offers a truly hands-free experience even in noisy car environments due to the noise-cancellation aspect of the microphone. The microphone allows drivers to speak at a normal volume to control all aspects of their favorite navigation and message apps.

The artificial intelligence aspect of KikaGo is the hallmark of the product. The more a driver communicates with KikaGo, the smarter the technology becomes, which allows it to quickly differentiate and pick out the driver’s voice from a noisy environment where multiple people are talking inside a car.

“While multiple people are talking in [a] car, [KikaGo’s software] recognizes who the audience is and actually listens to the key audience instead of listening to everyone,” Tami Zhu, Kika Tech’s general manager, told Digital Trends.

KikaGo was such a hit at CES that it won four Innovation Awards in the following categories: Smart Home, Software and Mobile Apps, In-Vehicle Audio/Video, and Tech for a Better World. The product will officially be released at some point soon for Android users. Apple users however, will have to wait as KikaGo won’t have Lightning compatibility until late 2018.