Aventon Bikes: Pleasure to ride, easy to own, great to gift
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Aventon Bikes: Pleasure to ride, easy to own, great to gift

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As Aventon so aptly claims, “the next level is here,” and we agree — the next level of bicycling or biking is truly here. That is, ebikes totally and completely transform the experience, above and beyond what you’d normally get with a traditional bicycle. Aventon’s bikes are also designed from the ground up to deliver a top-notch rider experience. But let’s back up a little here and briefly talk about why you might want an ebike over the traditional option.

As you might expect, ebikes are equipped with electric motors to give you a little extra power during your rides. You can use them to commute longer distances and conserve a ton of your energy. The powerful motor can help you get up steep inclines or over tough terrain easier than ever when you’re out biking. You could even use them for off-roading in general. There are a variety of bicycle types too, some of which are more fitting for certain terrain. Adversely, commuter bikes are meant for the open road, whether taking a city ride or a small-town ride — they’re beautifully nostalgic, as well. What else do they do differently? Well, let’s take a closer look, and while we’re at it, we can also discuss why they’d make excellent gifts this holiday season.

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Besides the exquisite craftsmanship and designs, the first thing to note about Aventon Bikes is that they offer reasonable and affordable options. Whereas most ebikes utilize premium materials to good effect but at a high cost, Aventon’s options are attainably premium. The features, design, and specifications are equal to that of any bike in the $2,500 to $4,000 range, and yet they’re all priced under $2,000. The new Level.2 bikes, in particular, are as much eye candy as they are functional. Those bikes, by the way, have a torque sensor, which recognizes how light or hard you’re pedaling and adjusts power to meet that energy. This extends range, conserves battery life, and helps you conserve body fuel, and no other brand of bikes is offering the same features within its price point — Level.2 bikes start at $1,949.

Let us introduce you to a new, convenient commuting option

Aventon Level.2 bike on the city roads.Image used with permission by copyright holder

Aventon’s Level.2 bikes are meant for commuting, but they work well for casual riding, training, long-distance rides, and nearly any type of riding you’d do on the roads. They’re bikes with pedals, so you can ride them like any traditional bike, but where they truly excel is in the added support they provide riders. They have a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge, with no pedaling whatsoever. They also have a top speed of 20 miles per hour, and both specifications have been discerned using real-world range testing — they’re not just a made-up feature.

More importantly, the built-in torque sensor automatically detects how much power you’re investing into the pedals — a lot or a little — and adjusts the power of the bike itself to match. So, if you need a little more kick, the power increases, or it decreases if you’re giving it your all. That’s to say it makes for an incredibly smooth ride, and one that’s seamless with your efforts, so you never feel like you’re fighting against the bike or the motor.

A backlit LCD allows you to monitor speed, battery life, distance traveled, and much more. You can also sync your stats and updates with the Aventon mobile app to keep track of everything on your phone. Other common bike features for Level.2 models include a pedal assist throttle, front suspension, a rear rack and fenders, and beyond. If you get a chance to try one for yourself, we’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

What about deals and holiday gifting?

Rider commuting with Aventon Level.2 bike nearby.Image used with permission by copyright holder

The best thing about bikes is that they’re solid gifts for everyone. But ebikes take that a step further because for those who don’t enjoy pedaling a traditional bike, you get the same experience with much less effort. Whether for nostalgia, thrills, business, or pleasure, few people would turn down an Aventon Bike when gifted one.

If you’re interested, starting November 1, Aventon is offering free shipping on all orders, with no promo code needed. Of course, there are a couple of additional deals you can take advantage of:

You can also shop Aventon’s excellent bikes and check out the new Level.2 commuter options on your own accord.

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