Black Friday Sale 2024 in Australia
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Black Friday Sale 2024 in Australia


Look around the house. What is in need of upgrading? What appliances are just not quite up to par anymore? Could the next size up TV make spending time at home that bit more enjoyable? Has your Fridge seen better days? This list is the first step in getting ready for the Black Friday Sale. Don’t forget to add those items for other people you have on your Christmas shopping list too!


Now that you have your list the next step is to do your product research. Check out The Good Guys Buying Guides, Brand Stores and Feature pages to learn everything you need to know about the products you want to purchase. Start your research early so by the time the Black Friday Sale starts you will have narrowed down your selection to 2 or 3 models.


Bookmark this page and subscribe to The Good Guys email marketing so you will be the first to get the biggest Black Friday deals. Once the sale launches use our compare tools to see which of your products is the best deal and hit that checkout quick – Black Friday stock may be limited and the sale doesn’t last long – so make sure you nab the products you want fast.