Best Dyson Corrale deals: Save $100 on the hair straightener
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Best Dyson Corrale deals: Save $100 on the hair straightener

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Dyson might be most famous for its bladeless fan and line of vacuums, but the manufacturer has lots of other innovative home appliances as well. When it comes to hair products, Dyson has one of our favorite blow dryers and a one-of-a-kind hair curler. To fill out its suite of hair products, Dyson needed a standard hair straightener. In comes the Dyson Corrale, but it’s far from standard. You can read more about what separates the Dyson Corrale from other hair straighteners below. One thing that separates Dyson from all their competitors is the premium price. Here are some Dyson deals that will cut the price of the Coralle down substantially.

Today’s best Dyson Corrale deals

There’s currently only one Dyson Corrale hair straightener on sale, the Vinca Blue and Rosé model. The discount is substantial, and the bundle comes with a few accessories.

  • Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener (Vinca Blue/Rosé) —

Should you buy the Dyson Corrale hair straightener?

The main attraction of the Dyson Corrale is its claim that it reduces hair damage by half. The way it accomplishes this is by getting the same results in one or two passes that would take many more on a traditional hair straightener. If you’ve ever seen viral videos of people accidentally burning their hair with a straightener, you get the idea. To achieve this, Dyson reinvented the heated plates that come in contact with your hair. The new plates aren’t solid, they’re flexible. This lets the plates wrap around each section of hair, so you can get better contact on fewer passes. Less passes = less heat applied to your hair = less damage over time. You can slo select between three different temperatures, so you never use too much heat when just a little will do. If that sounds like a good deal to you, the buy a Dyson Corrale.

There are some tradeoffs, though. The Corrale has a battery in it that will last for 30 minutes. Including a battery makes it very heavy compared to a standard hair straightener, like, five times heavier. The price also can’t be ignored. You’re paying premium for a product that doesn’t actually straighten your hair any better than a standard straightener. The premium comes solely from its promise to reduce the damage to your hair. If you’re straightening your hair every morning, this is a great investment. If you’re only straightening once and a while, it’s probably more worth your money to stick with a cheaper option.

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