All Payday 3 Weapons – Payday 3 Guide
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All Payday 3 Weapons – Payday 3 Guide

Payday 3 has a variety of weapons available for heisters depending on how they want to tackle different heists. From self-defense handguns to sniper rifles to take out enemies at a distance, Payday’s Arms Dealer has you covered.

How to Unlock Payday 3 Weapons

Payday 3 Weapons can be purchased under the vendor menu in the game’s main menu. All of the weapons are locked behind a level cap which means that you need to reach a certain level before you’re able to purchase a certain gun.

There are two types of weapons in Payday 3, we have normal and presets. Presets come with mods that cannot be changed and cost C-Stacks while normal weapons cost cash.