A new kind of device for a new kind of workplace: Meet the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360
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A new kind of device for a new kind of workplace: Meet the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

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It’s 2021 and it is time to rethink the office. With millions of Americans searching for a better work-life balance and more workplaces than ever offering remote work options, finding the right device that lets you work on the move has never been more important.

There are a few things a device that is perfect for the traditional office as well as home office must be. While many of us will be able to choose to work from home more often, there will still be meetings and collaborations that have to be dealt with in person, so a remote work device must be portable and suited to all sorts of settings. It should also be versatile: at home, you won’t have access to your office desktop, so a device powerful enough host all the programs you could need on any given day is essential. Tied to this quality is performance, as you won’t have tech support on hand and access to the Cloud isn’t always a given if you are on the move. Lastly, it should be kind on the eyes: working from home means all your meetings will involve screen time, giving your retinas fewer breaks throughout the day.

Taking all of this into consideration, what would the perfect device for working from home and the office look like? Probably something like the Galaxy Book Pro 360, which is built for the desk, the tray table, the kitchen table, the café bar, the sofa- wherever you decide to make your office for the day.

For starters, the GBP 360 is a sleek device that combines the best of a laptop with the best of a tablet. Unlike a normal laptop, the screen can fold flat on the back of the keyboard (hey, that’s 360 degrees!). Combine this feature with its ultrathin and, at 1.92 pounds, extremely light design, and you get a device that can fit into anything and be used anywhere. And with a 5G version coming this fall, you will also be able to connect virtually everywhere, from the back of a taxi to a lounge chair on the beach.

While the physical design means you can do a lot more on the go, the versatility of what you can do with the GBP 360 is where the device breaks free from the limits of a traditional laptop. Loaded with a larger and more comfortable S Pen, the GBP 360 lets you write and draw on PDFs, keeping your creative process and quick thoughts organized and in one place, rather than spread across multiple devices and pieces of paper.

When it comes to performance, there are a few reasons to be excited about the GBP 360. First, despite being one of the thinnest and lightest devices of its type on the market, it has 21 hours of battery life, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting your charger when you decide to move your home office from the living room to your favorite café for the afternoon. Second, it has a powerful 11th Gen Intel Core processor and 1 TB of storage. This power means won’t have to stop streaming your favorite show while uploading and sharing files with your coworkers (because why give up one of the best perks of working from home?).

Lastly: eye strain protection. Working from home means a lot of freedom and comfort, but it also means a lot more screentime. With all of your meetings now requiring you to stare at a screen without a break for extended periods of time, you cannot overlook the benefit of a Super AMOLED that provides unparalleled vibrancy while reducing harmful blue light.

Working from home is about to become the new normal for a lot of people who are going to need a device that will make it possible to transition seamlessly from office desk to home office. While it might take time for America’s high-demand office culture to adapt to this new normal, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 demonstrates that at least our devices are adapting to the moment with style.


Image used with permission by copyright holder

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