A new iMac Pro could still launch. Here’s what I want to see
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A new iMac Pro could still launch. Here’s what I want to see

A week ago, a shocking report emerged: Apple apparently had no plans for a larger iMac, potentially meaning the iMac Pro was dead and buried. However, opposition voices soon emerged, and the consensus now seems to be that Apple has only ruled out the 27-inch iMac, not the idea of a larger all-in-one entirely.

In fact, just yesterday, Bloomberg Mark Gurman reiterated his previous claims that a larger iMac is still in the works. That’s an exciting rumor because I’ve felt for years that the iMac isn’t quite living up to its potential. If a larger, more powerful version really is still in development, it could be a seriously impressive device. Here’s everything I want to see from it.

More raw power

An Apple iMac Pro in a dark room flanked by two monitors, one on either side of it.Apple

There’s no doubt about it, the new 24-inch iMac is well and truly a consumer device. With its bright colors and entry level M3 chip, it’s a fun, capable machine for everyday use, but there’s no question that it struggles with the most demanding of tasks. That’s no good for pro users.

What would fix that? A more powerful chip. If Apple can bring out a new all-in-one with the M3 Pro — or, better yet, the M3 Max — it will offer far more raw power for the most demanding users, whether they’re editing videos or crunching code. It could also be a more streamlined offering than having to buy a Mac Studio and a separate Studio Display.

And with the gaming power of Apple’s M3 Max chip, it could give gamers a brand-new option: a gorgeous large display and impressive performance, all wrapped up in a sleek package with a small desktop footprint. Now how’s that for enticing?

A truly pro display

Apple iMac Pro NewsApple

In its other products, Apple has used the prospect of an improved display to tempt users into shelling out for a high-end product — just look at the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and its gorgeous mini-LED screen. The iMac Pro would be the perfect candidate for this, and I’d love to see an iMac fitted with Super Retina XDR display tech.

While we’ve seen this in smaller-screen devices like the iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro, the only large device this technology has made it into is the Pro Display XDR, and that costs $4,999. I can’t imagine the iMac Pro will set you back that much, meaning it will hit a much more reasonable price point for this class of screen.

Throw in ProMotion and Face ID and it would be the ultimate Apple display for professional users. And combined with the power of the M3 Pro or M3 Max, we could see a boost to its gaming chops. That’s my kind of machine.

New colors — including space black

An iMac Pro on a desk with a range of accessories, including a Loupedeck board, a mouse, a keyboard, and other audio equipment.JC Gellidon / Unsplash

The 24-inch iMac currently comes in a range of bright, energetic colors. While Apple often does that for its consumer products, its professional devices are outfitted in more muted tones: silver, gray, black. I’d love to see that in the iMac Pro.

And now that the MacBook Pro comes in a new space black shade, that would be the perfect addition to the iMac Pro. After all, back when the original iMac Pro was available, Apple sold it in a beautiful dark gray color. Space black would point toward that heritage whil going in a new direction.

Better ergonomics

An orange 24-inch iMac seen from behind, with a focus on its hinge and ports.Digital Trends

When you look at the 24-inch iMac, one problem becomes immediately obvious even before you’ve turned it on: you can barely adjust the stand. Sure, you can tilt the display forward or backwards … but, uhh, that’s about it.

Apple really needs to improve that with the iMac Pro. I’m not asking for some sort of absurd engineering construction like the $999 stand that’s offered alongside the Pro Display XDR, just something that — at the very least — allows you to move the screen up and down.

That level of ergonomic freedom is something the iMac hasn’t had since the days of the iMac G4 two decades ago. It’s about time Apple put it right.

New accessories at last

Magic Mouse next to a Mac keyboard on a desk.kaboompics / Pixabay

Speaking of long overdue changes, how about the iMac Pro’s accessories? Users of Apple’s all-in-one have been making do with the same keyboard and mouse for years, and it’s disappointing Apple hasn’t changed that with the M3 iMac.

OK, I’m not too fussed about the Magic Keyboard — that’s fine as it is, although a Space Black option would be great. No, what really needs to change is the Magic Mouse. It’s rightly reviled as one of Apple’s biggest design mistakes, with its flat, uncomfortable shape causing discomfort and wrist pain in too many users. And don’t get me started on the upside-down charging fiasco.

If Apple can launch a truly pro-level mouse alongside the larger iMac, I’ll be one happy camper. I don’t expect it to happen, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

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