You’ll Soon See More Ads on Apple’s App Store
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You’ll Soon See More Ads on Apple’s App Store

Brace yourself: (more) ads are coming to your phone.

An iPhone outline with an orange screen containing an App Store icon on a blue background

Your app browsing experience on your iPhone is about to get a little more bloated. Apple is about to officially introduce more ads to the App Store, giving developers more ways to promote their apps, but giving the rest of us more of a headache.

Apple announced in an email to developers that the App Store is about to get more ads, according to MacRumors. Specifically, you should begin seeing promoted apps in the App Store’s Today tab as well as on app listings themselves through a “You Might Also Like” section at the bottom. All apps promoted through advertising will have a blue background as well as an icon that says “Ad,” to help you spot them better.

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The App Store’s Today tab has historically been curated by Apple staff, so allowing ads there is a substantial change in strategy. As a developer, you can have your app promoted on the very first page everyone sees when opening the App Store. And if a user is looking at a specific app, and your app is related in any way, you might have it show up in the “You Might Also Like” section.

This measure was first announced a few months ago, and it will be soon making its way to your phone. You should begin seeing more ads starting tomorrow, October 25th.

Source: MacRumors