The Super Mario Bros Movie’s 85 Easter Eggs & References
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The Super Mario Bros Movie’s 85 Easter Eggs & References

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Super Mario Bros. Movie!



Illumination’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie brings Nintendo’s iconic character to the big screen with an abundance of Easter eggs and references to Mario’s history and Nintendo’s video games. The animated 2023 movie arrives with much anticipation thanks to Mario’s status as one of the most beloved video game characters of all time. The Super Mario Bros. Movie follows a similar adventure story as Mario experiences in many of the games, where he travels across different kingdoms and worlds in a quest to defeat Bowser.

With over 40 years of history in video games, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has plenty of resources to pull from to give gamers extra surprises. The movie does not hold back in this regard, as there is seemingly always some sort of reference or Easter egg to Mario’s video games and other Nintendo properties. The quick pace of the film means that some of these are tougher to spot, while others are more plainly shown. Here is a complete breakdown of The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Easter eggs and references.

53 6 Kingdoms Shown In Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario walking through the Mushroom Kingdom in the Super Mario Bros. movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie shows six kingdoms from the video game franchise that gamers are sure to recognize. This includes opening with a sequence in the Penguin Kingdom. Mario’s adventure begins in the Mushroom Kingdom by meeting Princess Peach and Toad, leading him to Donkey Kong’s Jungle Kingdom. Luigi finds himself in Bowser’s Kingdom, referred to as The Dark Lands. A map of the world shown in Mushroom Kingdom also features references to the Sand Kingdom and Yoshi’s Island.

52 Bowser’s Lair

Jack Black Voices Bowser In The Super Mario Bros Movie

Bowser’s primary location throughout The Super Mario Bros. Movie is his floating lair. He uses the lair to hold his army and travel to different kingdoms to conquer them. The movie’s version of the base most resembles Bowser’s Lava Lair from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

51 Kamek

Kamek standing in a crowd and turning backwards in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Bowser’s trusted magical right-hand Kamek appears in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Kamek is a powerful Magikoopa and arch-rival for Yoshi, although he primarily works to help Bowser in the movie. The character was first introduced in 1995’s Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.

50 Mystery Boxes

Mario Mystery Box

Mystery boxes are one of the most recognizable parts of Mario’s video games, so it is no surprise that they are featured throughout The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The first one is shown in the Penguin Kingdom. Mario uses them frequently later on to get his various power-ups, such as increased height and strength.

49 Super Star

mario in 3d mario all stars

The Super Mario Bros. Movie references another famous piece of video game lore by introducing the Super Stars. The powerful stars grant incredible abilities to whoever possesses them. The Super Star is first obtained by Bowser early in the movie, but Mario and Luigi are the ones who use its power-ups.

48 Mario Rap References Super Mario Bros Super Show

The Super Mario Bros Movie Luigi

One of the most obscure The Super Mario Bros. Movie Easter eggs comes with Mario and Luigi’s commercial for their plumbing business. Mario and Luigi rap during the commercial, and it could be familiar to die-hard fans of the Nintendo hero. It is directly pulled from 1989’s animated Super Mario Bros Super Show, which used the Mario rap as its theme song.

47 Cape Mario & Luigi Reference

Cape Mario gliding towards Bowser in Super Mario World

The Mario Bros. commercial also shows the two plumbers wearing yellow capes briefly, which is another reference The Super Mario Bros. Movie includes. Cape Mario and Cape Luigi first appeared in 1990’s Super Mario World. This look can be obtained by collecting a Cape Feather in the games, but Mario and Luigi do not get these powers in the movie.

46 Mario Voice Actor Charles Martinet Cameos

Mario and his voice actor, Charles Martinet

Chris Pratt may voice Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, but original Mario voice actor Charles Martinet has a cameo. He plays two characters in the movie actually, but his first appearance includes mocking Mario and Luigi’s fake Italian accents from the commercial. It allows Charles Martinet to deliver his iconic Mario voice in the movie in a clever capacity.

45 Jumpman Game References Mario’s Origin

Donkey Kong throws barrels at Mario in 1981 game

Another The Super Mario Bros. Movie Easter egg references Mario’s video game origin. An arcade machine is shown for a game called Jump Man, which is a reference to Mario’s first appearance in Donkey Kong, where he was only known as Jump Man. It was not until after the popularity of the game that he was named Mario and got video games of his own.

44 Wrecking Crew’s Spike

Foreman Spike with a hammer

Audiences also meet a character named Spike in The Super Mario Bros. Movie who used to be Mario and Luigi’s boss. He is the owner of the construction business Wrecking Crew. This is a direct reference to Foreman Spike from the Wrecking Crew video games, who was a villain to the plumber brothers.

43 Punch-Out Pizzeria References Little Mac

Little Mac throwing a punch in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Mario and Luigi’s commercial is shown at Punch-Out Pizzeria, which is a clever The Super Mario Bros. Movie reference to the Punch-Out!! Nintendo video games. The walls of the restaurant include photos of various boxers from the franchise. This includes photos of the main protagonist Little Mac, as well as his recognizable green boxing gloves hanging above the door.

42 Mario Slides Down Flag Poles

Super Mario on a goal pole

The Super Mario Bros. Movie would not be a proper Mario adventure if it did not include him sliding down a flag pole. He only managed to slide down a single pole in the movie, coming after a side-scrolling action sequence where he and Luigi run through a construction site. Mario fails to reach the pole in Princess Peach’s training course later on.

41 Mario’s Family

Mario gesturing in The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario’s family rarely appears in the video games, but they are featured in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. This includes appearances by Papa Mario (Charle Martinet’s second role), Mama Mario, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

40 Mario Takes Off His Hat

Mario gearing up to fight in the Super Mario Bros. Movie

Although Mario is typically shown with his red hat on, it has become quite common for him to lose his hat at various points in the games. The Super Mario Bros. Movie includes a moment where Mario does not have his hat on, as he willingly takes it off once he gets home.

39 Mario Without Gloves

The Super Mario Bros Movie Mario Peach Toad Fire

Nintendo’s animated movie does include a rare moment where Mario is shown without his white gloves. His family jokes about why the plumbers would wear white gloves as part of their uniform. Other than taking them off for dinner, Chris Pratt’s Mario otherwise always wears the traditional white gloves.

38 Mario Plays Kid Icarus

kid icarus 1986 title screen

Mario is a big Nintendo fan in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, as another moment shows him playing Kid Icarus at home. The original 1986 game introduced the world to Pit, the series’ lead protagonist who Mario is shown playing as in the movie.

37 Starfox’s Arwing Ship Is In Mario’s Room

Star Fox Zero Arwing

Another Nintendo Easter egg in The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes in the form of Star Fox’s Arwing ship. The recognizable vehicle is shown in Mario’s room as a toy or collectible that the plumber has. The Arwing ship first appeared in 1993’s Star Fox video game and has returned in every single entry since.

36 News Report References Sidesteppers

Mario Sidestepper Crab

A news report on TV shown in The Super Mario Bros. Movie references the franchise’s crab-like creatures, Sidesteppers. The news ticker at the bottom mentions possible crab sightings underground in Brooklyn. Sidesteppers have been a part of Mario’s world ever since 1983’s Mario Bros. video game.

35 Mario’s First Love Interest Pauline Appears

Mayor Pauline sings in Super Mario Odyssey

There is a brief cameo by Pauline in The Super Mario Bros. movie too. She is interviewed by the local news as part of the sewer troubles that are happening. Pauline is the kidnapped lady featured in Donkey Kong who Mario saves. She played a major role in Super Mario Odyssey and became more than a damsel-in-distress character.

34 Duck Hunt Restaurant

The titular characters from the NES game Duck Hunt.

Nintendo’s classic NES game Duck Hunt is referenced in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. This comes through the appearance of a restaurant in Brooklyn known as Chasse au Canard. The French phrase translates to Duck Hunting, and the Duck logo confirms the intended Duck Hunt Easter egg.