The 10 Best Boss Fights, Ranked
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The 10 Best Boss Fights, Ranked

Unfortunately, Zelda fans learned on March 29th that the Breath of the Wild sequel would be pushed back until 2023 Spring. However, with many games being released far too early with so many bugs and issues, it’s more of a relief to know that they are taking their time with Breath of the Wild 2, desiring to create the best possible game for fans.



What more can be expected in the vast world of Breath of the Wild? For one thing, hopefully more bosses. Zelda has always been well-known for its entertaining and exhilarating boss fights, especially in the 3D games.

Gohma (Wind Waker)

Gohma boss in Wind Waker.

Gohma in Wind Waker is one of the most exciting battles of the game and it’s almost hard to believe it’s the very first boss fight because of this. The fight doesn’t require too much hack and slash, instead, the player heavily uses their Grappling Hook, swinging on the dragon Valoo’s tail. This of course causes a smashing boulder to land on Gohma, allowing Link to run in and slash the Ghoma’s eye.

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This is similar to previous Gohma fights, yet offers a refreshing battle with a new item. The boss battle is also a nice twist on Gohma by making him a boss battle in a lava location when he is typically in a forested dungeon. He offers a simple and straightforward challenge making him the ideal first boss for the game.

Puppet Ganon/Ganondorf (Wind Waker)

Ganondorf boss in Wind Waker.

Ganondorf, who appears in many of the games, might be considered the best boss fight in Zelda games by some fans. However, it still could have been a bit better. While the final phase and conclusion to this boss fight are amazing with Zelda firing light arrows and Link countering Ganondorf’s swords, the initial phase against Puppet Ganon can be a bit frustrating and annoying.

The fight in theory isn’t difficult, but with Ganon wriggling around on the ground, it can be difficult to hit his weak spot. But once again, the final clash against Ganondorf is thrilling and it feels like the ultimate challenge for the conclusion of the game. The ending cutscene with Link jumping and slamming his sword into Ganondorf’s skull shortly before turning him into stone was perfect and it was great to see Twilight Princess use this idea as well.

Argorok (Twilight Princess)

Argorok boss in Twilight Princess floating in sky with tongue outstretched

The Grappling Hook in Wind Waker was fun, but it doesn’t come close to the Double Clawshot. Argorok isn’t the only boss that requires a Clawshot, but he is the only one where Link has the Double. Bouncing around in the air, hooking onto his tail, and forcing him into pillars to destroy his armor was great.

However, the best part was getting onto his back after his armor was gone and hacking at his weak spot until he was finally defeated. Beyond that, the fight was visually great with lightning flashing all around. There is something awfully reminiscent of this fight to other storm boss battles like the Storm King boss from Demon’s Souls.

Tentalus (Skyward Sword)

Tentalus boss in Skyward Sword.

The Sandship dungeon was already cool, so to add on an amazing boss fight was a bonus. Before the boss fight even really begins, Link is running inside the ship with tentacles smashing through the floors and walls, slowly sinking the ship in a prelude to the actual fight. Once outdoors, the real boss fight begins.

The fight appears not too differently from Umibozu in Nioh. However, the fight is a bit easier and more visually entertaining with Link using both his sword and Clawshot to take down this tentacled monster. This fight is a dream come true for any player who loved watching movies of deep-sea creatures clashing with ships such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

Morpheel (Twilight Princess)

Morpheel boss in Twilight Princess.

Morpheel doesn’t require much of a different strategy from Argorok with about the same gameplay mechanics. At least, not when Link is hooking onto the swimming beast and hacking at his eye. Something about this boss fight seemed more intriguing than the Argorok boss fight. Perhaps it was the music or the setting, or maybe even just catching a far larger fish than anticipated.

The boss fight is one of the earlier ones in the game and is also one of the easiest, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. It also has strong resemblances to the Barinade boss fight from Ocarina of Time, which was no doubt a prototype for Morpheel.

Kolloktos (Skyward Sword)

Kolloktos boss in Skyward Sword.

Kolloktos is always going to be regarded as one of the best boss fights in Zelda games. Most people in fact would maybe even say it’s the best boss fight in Skyward Sword. There’s always been something fun about picking up enemys’ weapons and using them against them. Something that Breath of the Wild has gone deeper with by allowing players to add those weapons to their equipment.

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However, Kolloktos is more unique because Link uses these weapons against the boss and quite literally cuts him down to size. This boss fight feels quick, engaging, a little intense, and very fun. It is the perfect example of using the item gained in the dungeon against bosses in a fun and creative way.

Stallord (Twilight Princess)

Stallord boss in Twilight Princess, a dinosaur-like head of bones is coming out of a wall towards Link.

Stallord could very well be the scariest boss fight in the Zelda franchise. What was so great about Twilight Princess is how it stood much closer to a dark fantasy game than most Zelda games have. Stallord is really an embodiment of that idea. A giant floating skull with some flesh hanging off of him trying to chase Link and kill him is pretty horrifying.

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However, this boss fight is relatively straightforward, with Link bouncing back and forth with the Spinner to knock him down and then slash at him with the Master Sword. The first phase of the fight is arguably a little tougher, but only because those skeletons can be a little hard to get passed.

Puppet Zelda/Dark Beast Ganon/Ganondorf (Twilight Princess)

Ganondorf vs Link in Twilight Princess.

The final boss fight of Twilight Princess is essentially a more refined and darker version of Wind Waker’s. Puppet Zelda and Dark Beast Ganon are a little bit of a mix of Puppet Ganon. There weren’t many cooler moments in Zelda than Link chasing Ganondorf on horseback and then dueling each other to the death surrounded by a barrier.

It was amazing to test all of the sword skills gained along the way and to finally put Ganondorf down for good. While it may not rank as the best Zelda boss fight, it will always be regarded as one of the best and is a borderline cinematic battle.

Ganondorf/Ganon (Ocarina of Time)

Ganondorf and Link facing each other with a gloomy dark sky in the background in Ocarina of Time.

It’s difficult to top the original. While Ganon did not originate in Ocarina of Time, the fight against him has been the most influential on the other games. The boss fight features several familiar attacks from previous boss fights, allowing Link to get the upper hand on Ganondorf a little easier. However, the true test comes against the aggressive beast Ganon.

While this is probably one of the easiest boss fights in Zelda, it is fun, and it comes with an incredible cutscene of Link hacking at Ganon’s skull before finishing him off with a final thrust. What’s interesting about this boss fight is it was never meant to be the final fight against Ganon. Wind Waker and the Twilight Princess are concluded games, but the Ocarina of Time leaves fans with a bittersweet ending that only seals Ganon temporarily.

Demise (Skyward Sword)

Link vs Demise in Skyward Sword.

Demise is truly one of the most beautiful boss fights in video games. It certainly deserves to be considered the best out of all Zelda boss fights. When facing the annoying and frustrating Imprisoned (Demise’s previous form) time and time again, it never really seemed possible that Demise was going to be a good fight.

It’s even better than expected though. In design alone Demise is an amazing boss contrasting largely with Link, even using a similar sword to the Master Sword with a spirit. But the best thing about this fight was Link jumping into the air, charging his blade with lightning, and slashing it down into Demise.

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