Super Mario Bros. Wonder: all Captain Toad locations
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: all Captain Toad locations

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is taking the series back to its 2D roots with a new and exciting art style and a ton of new mechanics. Alongside new power-ups and badges, this title has perhaps the largest amount of collectibles and hidden secrets of any game in the series. Between all the Wonder Seeds, Wonder Flowers, Flower Coins, and more, there’s no shortage of things to do as you run, jump, and flip your way through all the various worlds. Among all the playable characters to choose from, one non-playable character makes his triumphant return. Captain Toad has managed to make his way to the Flower Kingdom, but this intrepid explorer is not so easy to find. Each time you interact with him, he will reward you with some Flower Coins and a hint at an upcoming world, so let’s hunt down all his locations in Super Mario Wonder.

All Captain Toad locations

Toadette talking to captain toad.Nintendo

Captain Toad appears in five unique spots on the Super Mario Bros. Wonder world map. Talking to him at each spot will give you a little bit more of his story, plus the aforementioned rewards.

First Captain Toad location

CAptain toad giving toadette flower coins.Nintendo

Our first encounter with the infamous Toad is in World 1 — Pipe-Rock Plateau. To get to the part of the map where he’s found, you must first enter and find the secret exit on the Piranha Plants on Parade level. From that exit point, you can now go to a new pipe that leads to the top of a skull-shaped volcano on Petal Isles. Captain Toad will introduce himself and give you 50 Flower Coins to help you on your quest.

Second Captain Toad location

A secret pipe in a yellow Super Mario Wonder world.Nintendo

Further into World 1, where the zone becomes more of a desert, you will see a path leading north that is blocked. You will need to pay to clear it so you can go to the upper corner of Pipe-Rock Plateau where the Parachute Cap I challenge is. Keep going toward the upper-right corner of the map to get a prompt to enter a secret pipe. You will be spat out in Fluff-Puff Peaks right next to Toad. He still hasn’t found his treasure yet, but will give you another 50 Flower Coins.

Third Captain Toad location

A secret entrance behind some trees in Super Mario Wonder.Nintendo

The last location in World 1 is near Angry Spikes and Sinkin’ Pipes. From that stage, go back and to the right behind the foreground to another secret pipe entrance. As always, Captain Toad has a gift of 50 Flower Coins for you after talking to him,

Fourth Captain Toad location

A hidden pipe in Super Mario Wonder.Nintendo

You won’t encounter Captain Toad again until you make it all the way to World 4. Starting from The Desert Mystery stage, head up the stairs until you come to a fork. Take the bridge ahead and then the next left and go all the way around the outside path behind the elevated platform with the question mark block on it. Directly behind it is another secret pipe. Talk with the very brave Captain Toad for an easy 50 Flower Coins.

Fifth Captain Toad location

A hidden pipe in a desert in Super Mario Wonder.Nintendo

The last stop on Captain Toad’s trip can be found right after the prior one. After coming back through the pipe, head back down to the desert floor and stand on all three stone square tiles on the ground to open a secret path in the north wall. Run past both stages here and behind the wall on the right to find the last hidden pipe. Captain Toad will have, you guessed it, 50 more Flower Coins to bestow upon you.

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