Someone got their Google Pixel Buds Pro early
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Someone got their Google Pixel Buds Pro early

Google’s new Pixel Buds Pro went up for pre-order on July 21 and are set for release later in the month. Yet one Redditor managed to get their pre-order a bit early and took to the platform to share their initial impressions with the world.

With the previous Pixel Buds A-series already in hand for comparison, Redditor u/Linkakox says that after delivery and setup, the Pixel Buds Pro “work really well.” Interestingly enough, they also point out that the Pixel Buds app does not work with the Pixel Buds Pro since it has not been updated yet. Active noise cancellation and Transparency mode features of the Pixel Buds Pro seem to please the Redditor, too.

“Transparency mode, I love it too much, you can hear all your surroundings without taking off your Buds [ . . . ] Active noise cancellation works pretty well, they did a good job on it,” writes the Redditor.

What matters most, though, is audio quality. On this topic, Linkakox noted that Pixel Buds Pro seem to be better than the Series-A. Not being an audio expert, the person behind this thread seemed to struggle to explain the differences, saying “I can’t describe it.”

Also provided by the Redditor are some photos of the Pixel Buds Pro retail packaging. The box appears to be slimmer than the Pixel Buds A-series, as it doesn’t come with a USB cable for charging. Linkakox even went as far as to confirm that Google’s new automatic audio switching works well with the Pixel Buds Pro across Windows and Pixel phones.

On the fit of the Pixel Buds Pro, this Redditor believes that the Pixel Buds Pro are not loose in the ear, but mentioned they do feel less secure than the Series-A, which have a signature wingtip for extra support. The newer Pixel Buds Pro are also larger, too, according to the early access review.

This Reddit thread is still evolving and a lot of questions are still being answered by the original poster. Some parts of the Pixel Buds Pro have yet to be explored by this lucky user, though, including the performance of the microphones. So you might want to bookmark the thread and come back to it while you wait for your own Pixel Bud Pros to arrive.

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