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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet – Paldea Pokédex

This page lists all the Pokémon available in the Paldea region of the Generation 9 games, Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet, released on November 18th 2022. As usual there are new Pokémon, but the region also includes old favorites too!

Scarlet/Violet have a lovely new feature in the Pokédex where it shows the Pokémon you caught in a natural scene, with a cluster of the same evolutionary line, or sometimes different Pokémon (in the case of Zangoose and Seviper).

The full Pokédex is listed below in order. There are also separate Pokédexes for the two regions in the Expansion Pass DLC: the Kitakami Pokédex and the Blueberry Pokédex.

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