Parents are talking about a new take on children’s footwear
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Parents are talking about a new take on children’s footwear

This content was produced in partnership with Ozznek.

With infants and newborns, shoes aren’t functional — after all, they’re not walking anywhere and won’t be for a while. Yet still, you tend to spend more than you might expect on little feet. That continues to be true until they’re toddler-age and beyond. You might spend anywhere from $45 up to $150 for a pair of good shoes, and before you know it, your child will have grown out of them. It’s a real problem, but Ozznek intends to make that an issue of the past.

Through Ozznek shoes, you get two pairs, plus a pair of soles, for the cost of a single pair — even lower actually thanks to their impressive prices. They’re convertible shoes, which means they can be worn as indoor slippers — without the soles — or full outdoor shoes after attaching the soles. That gives you way more bang for your buck, of course, but what’s more impressive is the shoes stay relevant for longer, especially with a fast-growing baby on your hands. Starting as low as $20, you can grab a stylish pair of shoes that perfectly match your little one’s personality. It’s a neat idea, with almost no reason to argue otherwise, but there’s a lot more to Ozznek and what they have to offer!

Show Me the Shoes

What’s the scoop on two pairs of shoes from Ozznek?

Mom putting on Ozznek shoes with sole.Image used with permission by copyright holder

Most people will hear they’re getting two pairs, as opposed to just one, and assume there’s a catch. That’s not the case here. Ozznek’s founder, Uju Uzuegbunam, understands the prime dilemma with children’s shoes. They’re expensive, and kids grow fast! She wanted to find shoes that her own kids would get more use out of before they were too big to wear them. That’s precisely how Ozznek came to be.

But the unique concept isn’t just about getting two pairs for the price of one. Those shoes are convertible, with easily removable — and attachable — soles. The innovative idea means you can reuse soles by simply swapping them between various shoe tops — what the brand calls the outer shell of the shoe.

Ozznek shoes vibrant sandal design.Image used with permission by copyright holder

All shoe tops are compatible with the soles, which means you can swap them any time, and in just about any configuration. The bottom of the shoes, or soles, detach to allow them to be cleaned or swapped. Without the soles, the shoes can be worn as slippers indoors, adding a bit of stylish flair! When you want to venture outdoors, all you have to do is attach the soles, and your little ones are ready to go!

It’s about giving back to the community

Thanks to a partnership with the Nigerian Red Cross Society and Children’s Global Affairs to End Hunger in Africa, 10% of every purchase goes to children in need. So, not only are you getting an awesome deal on two pairs of shoes but you’re giving back to a community that can use the support.

It’s all rolled up into what Ozznek provides, so you’re both supporting an amazing cause and getting so much more value out of the shoes your children wear.

Ozznek shoes embody style and grace

Ozznek shoes The Juliet Collection design.Image used with permission by copyright holder

Of course, when it comes to anything fashionable, including shoes, the true testament is how aesthetically pleasing the designs are. We’re not talking about your average shoes or sneakers here, as every pair is crafted with the utmost care.

From the casual yet beautiful Moana collection to the classy yet understated look of the Juliet Collection, this is footwear that’s absolutely made to impress.

Take a quick peek at some of the available shoes, and you’ll see it’s difficult not to fawn over how cute the results are. Most importantly, it’s nice to have some footwear that your children can grow with, instead of tossing them out every month or so.

Show Me the Shoes