Grab a powerful Galaxy Tab S7+ 128GB with a sweet $350 discount on Amazon
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Grab a powerful Galaxy Tab S7+ 128GB with a sweet $350 discount on Amazon

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S tablets are among the best on the market, and right now, you can get one of them for way less than usual. At the moment, Amazon is selling the 128GB variant of the incredible Galaxy Tab S7+ for 41% off its price. Such an awesome discount will translate into sweet savings of $350 on this amazing slate if you capitalize on this deal right now.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ was released in 2020, so it’s not exactly new to the market. However, its Snapdragon 865 chipset, which, by the way, was Qualcomm’s top-of-the-line processor for mobile devices back then, still has some life left in it. The slate should be able to run day-to-day tasks without any issues and demanding games, though not at their highest graphical settings.

In addition to its good performance, the slate packs a beautiful 12.4-inch AMOLED display with 1752 x 2800 resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, and HDR10+ support. On top of that, it comes with 4 speakers tuned by AKG. Thanks to all of these features, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is also perfect for binge-watching your favorite TV series.

Another cool feature of the Galaxy Tab S7+ is that it comes with its own S Pen out of the box, which you can use for faster note-taking and even as a digital paintbrush.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ may be an older tablet, but it still has a lot to offer. Furthermore, Amazon’s current $350 discount tips the scales in favor of this nice slate even further. So, if you are in the market for a new tablet with decent performance, incredible display, and included stylus in the box and don’t want to shell out huge amounts of cash, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is the one to go for. Just be sure to act quickly since you never know how long this awesome deal will stay available.