Fortnite for PC and consoles finally introduces a tutorial mode
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Fortnite for PC and consoles finally introduces a tutorial mode

For the past five years, new Fortnite players were simply thrown into the matches of battle royale and had to learn the game by themselves. Now, players finally have a way to learn the basics of Fortnite with the late-yet-welcome addition of a tutorial mode.

On Halloween, Epic enabled a tutorial mode on PC versions of Fortnite. Since then, the playlist became available on console versions of the title, including Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and more. The tutorial mode goes through all the basics of Fortnite, teaching players various forms of movement and combat basics. There is also a very fundamental aim-training tutorial included.

While this playlist may seem all-new to console and PC Fortnite players, it’s been in other versions of the game since Chapter 2. Fortnite for Android and Xbox Cloud Gaming feature this exact tutorial for some time; now, it’ll be available to all players regardless of platform. It’s surprising that Epic Games waited so long to introduce the mode to console and PC versions, especially with how many new players Fortnite attracts on a regular basis.

The lack of a tutorial is one of the main gripes some fans have had with Fortnite. A game with so many mechanics that adds more on a consistent basis really benefits from such an addition. In fact, many players have taken this matter into their own hands in the past, creating custom tutorial maps thanks to the title’s Creative mode playlist.

Newcomers and old Fortnite players alike can now drop into this tutorial mode on PC or console.

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