Electric Car Charger Deals: $100 off Home Charging Stations
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Electric Car Charger Deals: $100 off Home Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more commonplace, with the best electric cars making us rethink the way we get around. They won’t get far without an EV charger, however, and these can be a good way to find some savings, as even the best car chargers will often see a discount. That’s certainly the case right now, as there are a lot of EV chargers available at a discount. So whether you’ve just gotten a new electric vehicle or you’re considering something new for the garage, these are the best electric car charger deals available right now.

Shockflo EV charger — $300, was $320

The Shockflo EV charger charges a vehicle with the ocean in the background.Shockflo

This EV charger by Shockflo is a Level 2 EV charger, which offers six times faster charging than a standard charger. It delivers 24 miles with just one hour of charging, and it can act as a mobile charger you can throw in the trunk or be mounted to a wall. It has an LCD display with useful information like charging rate, voltage, and charging time, as well as LED indicator lights that lets you know charging progress and errors.

Grizzl-E EV charger — $350, was $400

The handle of the Grizzl-E EV charger plugged into a vehicle.Grizzl-E

With this Grizzl-E EV charger you’ll be getting powerful and heavy-duty charging capabilities, as it comes with a 24-foot premium cable. The charger itself is a Level 2 charger, which offers faster charge times than standard chargers. It’s also made to be portable, so you can throw it in the trunk and know you’ll have the ability to charge up any time you need to.

Juicebox 32-amp EV charger — $529, was $579

The Juicebox 32-amp EV charger with a smartphone against a white background.Juicebox

This Juicebox EV charger comes in with 32-amps and fast Level 2 charging times. It has wifi connectivity that allows you to connect to the JuiceNet mobile app and web portal. This will allow you to be notified when you car is fulled charged, set up a daily charging routine, or simply ask JuiceNet to remind you to plug in when your life is busy. It also offers voice controls with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

ChargePoint EV charger — $530, was $599

The ChargePoint EV charger in the foreground while a man charges his vehicle in the background.ChargePoint

With Level 2 charge times and a 240-volt NEMA 6-50 plug, this ChargePoint EV charger is capable of getting your electric vehicle charged nine times faster than a standard wall outlet. It’s smart home and wifi-enabled, which allows you to set a convenient charging schedule with the ChargePoint app, or control it with your voice using Alexa devices. It installs easily and is universally compatible with different car brands.

Juicebox 40-amp EV charger — $549, was $599

The Juicebox 40-amp EV charger against a white background.Juicebox

Coming in at 40-amps. This Level 2 EV charger by Juicebox can charger your vehicle up to seven times faster than standard chargers. It has all of the smart features seen on other Juicebox EV chargers, which include JuiceNet app compatibility, voice controls, and notification when your vehicle is all charged up and ready to go. This charger is both indoor and outdoor rated, so you can just as easily set it up somewhere outdoors as you can in the garage.

Schumacher Electric EV charger — $550, was $650

The Schumacher Electric EV charger plugged into a red vehicle in a garage.Schumacher Electric

Schumacher Electric delivers with this EV charger, with can charge up to eight times faster than a standard charger and adds range quickly. You can get anywhere between 15 and 48 miles of range per hour of charging, as it features industry-leading power with 240 volts and a 50-amp current. This EV charger is both Bluetooth and wifi compatible, and it connects easily to the SchuPower app, which allows you to schedule charging, start and stop charging in real time, and monitor charging in real time.

Juicebox 48-amp EV charger — $589, was $639

A man charges his vehicle in a garage with the Juicebox 48-amp EV charger.Juicebox

This is one of Juicebox’s most powerful EV chargers. It comes in at 48-amps and offers up to nine times faster charging than standard EV chargers. Like all of Juicebox’s chargers it’s universally compatible, ensuring it works with all EVs on the market today and in the future. It connects easily to the JuiceNet app, which allows for modern conveniences such as notifications and easily-schedule charging sessions.

How to choose an electric car charger

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for an electric car charger. If you use your electric vehicle as your main mode of transportation, you’ll probably want to find yourself a charger that can get it charged back up in the fastest amount of time possible. Level 2 chargers are good in this regard, as they offer much faster charge times than standard EV chargers.

Something else to consider is how much modern smarts you want in your EV charger. The more affordable EV chargers offer great charging features, but there are a lot of EV chargers out there that come with wifi connectivity. This allows them to connect to many of the best EV charging station apps. With connectivity like this you can control your charger with voice commands and even monitor its status while it’s charging. You can also set your app up for notifications when your vehicle is charged up, among other things.

But if you have an electric vehicle or are considering purchasing one, the bottom line when it comes to EV chargers is that you need one. You’ll be able to find something that suits your budget pretty easily when it comes to purchasing an EV charger. Budget options are available, particularly with the deals mentioned above, and the more you have to spend, the faster and more convenient charger you’ll be able to land.

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