Drool over Samsung’s ‘The Wall,’ but buy the TCL 6-Series 4K HDR TV
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Drool over Samsung’s ‘The Wall,’ but buy the TCL 6-Series 4K HDR TV

If you’ve been following our CES 2018 coverage of TVs, then you’ve seen some pretty outlandish, aspirational stuff. Samsung’s 146-in MicroLED “The Wall,” LG’s 65-inch 4K roll-up OLED, and Sony’s 10,000-nit 85-inch 8K LED prototype powered by the company’s X1 Ultimate processor are all grabbing headlines across the ‘net. But what about a TV you might actually buy in 2018? That’s where the TCL 6-Series 4K HDR LED TV comes in.

TCL surprised us in 2017 with its P-series TV, a 55-inch 4K HDR LED with Dolby Vision and the Roku TV operating system built in for just $650. With a 72-zone full array local dimming backlight (FALD) system and expanded color gamut, the P-series performed as well as top-tier TVs from the likes of LG, Samsung, and Sony, but with a much lower price tag.

The new TCL 6-Series builds on TCL’s success, adding more zones to its backlight system and expanding the series to offer a 65-inch model, which has even more backlight zones. With these upgrades and some tweaks to picture processing, the new 6-Series is poised to be one of the best TVs to buy in 2018, and likely the most affordable excellence available on the market.

As is generally the case with CES, manufacturers don’t give exact availability dates and don’t discuss pricing, but if history is any indicator, TCL will let us know when the new 6-Series will be in stores and online for purchase, and just how affordable it will be.

We’ll be bringing the 6-Series in for a full review when it is available, so check back with us in early spring to find out just how good this TV is. For now, keep up with all the latest CES coverage from Digital Trends and be sure to check out our YouTube channel for continuing live coverage from our broadcast booth.

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