Black Friday 75-inch TV deals: the biggest sales on the best brands
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Black Friday 75-inch TV deals: the biggest sales on the best brands

Black Friday 75-inch TV deals are finished for now, but now could be the perfect time to chat about the 2024 event. Sure, it might feel a tad early, and we’re still resting after serving up big screen savings last year. However, there’s plenty to reflect on when it comes to living room display discounts, especially now that new models are set to take to the stage.

It’s needless to say that if you’re looking to invest in a 75-inch display, jumping on the final Black Friday TV deals this year has to offer is essential. That’s a given if you’re looking for deep discounts on the best gaming TV models, but it’s also just a rule of thumb for anyone looking to splash out this year. Thankfully, Black Friday gaming deals included a hearty portion of whopping big displays in 2023, including flagship sets like the LG OLED G3 and cheaper alternatives by Hisense and TCL.

While you can save on big screens throughout the year, we tend to see the absolute best 75-inch TV deals pop up during Black Friday. So, if you’re determined to pay as little as possible, even if it means holding off for almost a year, then dive into our thoughts on what to expect this year down below.


When will Black Friday 75-inch TV deals begin?

Until the laws of entropy confirm that all human endeavours are ultimately useless with the collapse of the universe, Black Friday will forever be the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year, that’ll be Friday, November 29th, 2024

Sony 75X95K TV showing gameplay

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Where will the best Black Friday 75-inch TV deals be?

We’ll be gathering up the very best Black Friday 75-inch TV deals and quick links here on this very webpage, but, of course, we do know who the go-to retailers will be come the big day. Here are the best links to use if you want to bookmark, check now, or start your search.

Amazon: Always going to have a wide selection of massive TVs
Samsung: Likely to go big on all its own large TVs this year
Best Buy: Will have deep discounts on enormous screens
Walmart: Often price matches and has stores to order to
B&H Photo: Always has the latest significant savings on big screens

Amazon: Should always be your first port of call for tech deals
Samsung: Head straight to the source for massive screen deals
Currys: Always has a vast selection and also offers in-store pick up
John Lewis: Always popular for big TVs with generous guarantee
Box: Has the latest deals and loads of neat filters

Black Friday 75-inch TV deals: what do we expect

As the TV market is constantly ushering in new models, there are always plenty of discounts and that’ll extend to Black Friday 75-inch TV deals too. Given their quality for video games, we think these will be some of the best Black Friday gaming deals of the year.

The big one to watch out for in 2024 is the LG OLED G3, as the current flagship is set to be replaced by the upcoming OLED G4. Naturally, that means we should see the former dip in price even further, especially given that it actually received the Black Friday treatment last year. The same applies to the LG OLED C3 as well as any other available models, as newcomers usually encourage price cuts across the board.

Now that the Sony XR-75X95K has joined the fold, there’s a chance models under it will receive an even better discount than last year. In particular,  you’ll want to keep an eye on the Sony X91J, as it dropped to $1,699.99 last year thanks to a hearty $1,100 discount. That said, stock isn’t always a guarantee, and while the X91J featured as one of the best deals in 2023, the likes of Amazon might not have any to actually discount this year. Therefore, we’d advise keeping an eye on all large Sony sets for big price drops, especially if they’ve been superseded by a newer model.

Should you wait for Black Friday 75-inch TV deals?

If you can hang on then, yes, you should absolutely wait for Black Friday 75-inch TV deals. Such is the nature of the sales season, we now know that the bigger items and the more premium products – which, broadly speaking 75-inch and bigger TVs are – are the subject of the biggest and deepest price cuts. The bigger the price tag, the harder it can fall, and certainly the greater the percentage discount too.

With retailers engaging in longer periods of Black Friday 75-inch TV deals, stretching them over multiple days, if not weeks, you might actually find a great deal in, say, mid-November that’s worth jumping on. This is especially the case if it can be Black Friday guaranteed – meaning that the retailer will refund you the difference if the price does drop again during Black Friday itself.

Will 75-inch TVs get cheaper on Black Friday?

There can be nothing more certain than Black Friday 75-inch TV deals absolutely slashing the prices of massive screens – and this is absolutely going to be the case again this year.

Not only do we see 75-inch TVs (and larger) get cheaper during Black Friday, we also see that these are the biggest price droppers of all TVs (broadly speaking). During the winter sales, it really is the case that the bigger an item or tech product, the harder its price falls. If you’ve been holding out for something big, then be prepared to save loads of cash.

To reinforce that just take a quick look at the below where you can see some 75-inch or larger TVs from last year’s deals had their prices drop by nearly thousands of dollars!

LG OLED C3 review marketing image showing three men playing video games on a wall-mounted C3

(Image credit: LG)

How we find the best Black Friday 75-inch TV deals

In order to fulfil our quest and find the best Black Friday 75-inch TV deals, we use an nifty selection of price comparison tools in conjunction with our knowledge and expertise. This ultimately helps us show you the biggest discounts as soon as they emerge, all while being able to weed out the not so great offers. 

Of course, we also like to evaluate all deals contextually, which is why we like to explain each deal and provide context. That way, you’ll be able to find a big screen to suit your specific budget and performance needs, whether you’re looking for a high end panel or something more casual.

Want to learn more about how we go about finding offers? Check out our How we find Black Friday gaming deals page for all the deets.

Last year’s best Black Friday 75-inch TV deals

Last year’s best Black Friday 75-inch TV deals in the UK

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