Best juicer deals: Nutribullet, Omega, Hamilton Beach and more
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Best juicer deals: Nutribullet, Omega, Hamilton Beach and more

If you prefer to start your day with a morning juice, even the best blenders may not cut it in your kitchen. What you’ll need is a juicer, and adding one to your range of smart kitchen appliances can help you make your day healthier from the get-go. Juicers also offer a great way to save right now, as there are a lot of juicer deals taking place. They include the likes of popular brands such as Hamilton Beach, Omega, and Nutribullet. If any of this is unfamiliar territory to you, not to worry. We’ve put together all of the best juicer deals taking place right now, as well some information on how to pick the right juicer for your kitchen.

AI Cook 3-speed juicer — $40, was $90

The AI Cook 3-speed juicer against a white background.AI Cook

If you’re new to juicing, a good place to start is with an entry-level juicer. This AI Cook 3-speed juicer is one of the more affordable options you can find that manages to stay away from undesired qualities such as “cheap” build quality. It’s well made, offers three different juicing speeds, and has a three-inch wide feed chute that can fit whole fruits and vegetables without the need for slicing or chopping. It’s easy to clean as well, and it includes a special brush to make the cleaning process faster.

Magic Bullet compact juicer — $54, was $60

The Magic Bullet compact juicer and a glass of juice against a white background.Magic Bullet

A powerful 400-watt motor is the muscle behind this compact juicer by Magic Bullet. It’s designed to take up way less space than standard juicers, making it a great option for apartment dwellers, or anyone who’s surrendered much of their counter space to other appliances. It has a two-inch feed chute that fits large chunks of your favorite juice ingredients. This allows for a faster juicing process, as you’ll spend less time chopping and more time juicing.

Hamilton Beach centrifugal juicer — $60, was $70

The Hamilton Beach centrifugal juicer and a glass of green juice against a white background.Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is well known in the small kitchen appliance world, and this juicer lives up to the brand name. You can make fresh, healthy juice in seconds with this juicer. It has an extra-large three-inch feed chute that lets you easily add whole fruits and vegetables without precutting. It has an 800-watt motor that ensures maximum juice yield, and a stainless steel micromesh filter strains away pulp and seeds for smooth, nutritious juice every time.

Nutribullet centrifugal juicer — $133, was $150

The Nutribullet centrifugal juicer and its included accessories against a white background.Nutribullet

The Nutribullet centrifugal juicer is designed for ultimate efficiency. It delivers smooth, delicious juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables with three precision speeds, a dual-size food pusher, and a powerful 1,000-watt motor. This juicer is easy to assemble and easy to clean. It has a self-contained pulp basin, a no-drip spout, and components that are safe to put in the dishwasher. It’s also equipped with a storage pitcher, freezer trays, and glass bottles that you can take with you on the go.

Canoly masticating juicer — $190, was $270

The Canoly masticating juicer with some fruits and vegetables against a white background.Canoly

The Canoly masticating juicer is a good one if you’ve got a little extra space on your kitchen counter. And with its slightly larger size come some additional benefits. It has a 3.5-inch feed chute, which reduces your juicing prep time, as it allows for whole fruits and vegetables to be put into the juicer. The larger spiral auger can juice faster and more smoothly than you’ll find with many other juicers, and the 300-watt motor reduces tangling and clogging. This juicer also works at low speed and low noise, making it a good option for early morning juicing.

Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus juicer — $269, was $300

The Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus juicer and a jug of green juice against a white background.Breville

With the Breville Juice Fountain Cold Plus, things are starting to feel a little more premium on the juicing front. It has a classy, stainless steel design that will look great in almost any kitchen. This is also a good juicer option if you prefer to do your juicing in bulk, as it comes with a sealable 70-ounce jug that you can store large batches in. It has a 3.5-inch feed chute that can handle whole fruits and vegetables, making this juicer a great option if you’re looking for something that can reduce your prep time each time you’re ready to juice.

Omega slow juicer and nutrition system — $270, was $370

The Omega slow juicer and nutrition system with some carrots and juice against a white background.Omega

The Omega slow juicer and nutrition system offers powerful squeezing action and a high juice yield from minimum amounts of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass. It operates at low speeds, which minimizes heat build-up and allows for more nutrients in every glass of juice you make. This is also a full wellness system, which will allow you to use it to make additional things such as baby food, nut butters, milks, pasta, and sorbets.

Kuvings wide-mouth slow juicer — $380, was $420

The Kuvings wide-mouth slow juicer and some fruits and vegetables against a white background.Kuvings

The Kuvings wide-mouth slow juicer includes a three-inch feeding chute that accommodates whole fruits and vegetables for ease of use. It produces rich juice with high nutritional value. It has a drip-free smart cap that helps you make mixed juices and rinses quickly to simplify cleanup. And it even comes with a smoothie attachment and strainer that allow you to make delicious smoothies and frozen-fruit sorbet.

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