Best hair dryer deals: Conair, Shark and Revlon starting $10
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Best hair dryer deals: Conair, Shark and Revlon starting $10

Not that long ago hair salons were closed for months. During this time you may have learned some new ways to deal with your hair and thus, need some new tools. Retailers recognized this and have been releasing great beauty and fitness deals all year. Professional hair styling tools don’t come cheap. Top brands such as Dyson, GHD, and Hary Josh can cost hundreds of dollars. While a professional hairdryer has great multi-functionalities and smart settings, if you’re looking for something that will get the job done at an affordable price, we’ve combed through all the best online deals to find some of the best hair dryers out there. These picks still have those extra features and settings that you’re looking for but you won’t have to break the bank for your daily hair routine. Some of our favorite hair dryers even made it to this list.

When it comes to picking up the right hair dryer, the weight, wattage, attachments, heat settings, and even cord length can be more important than fancy hair dryer technology. If you’re blow-drying your hair every day then you want a reliable and durable hairdryer. Hairdryers on sale from the store might be selling for a decent price but those quick store buys could result in a broken hairdryer in just a couple of months. Also, different hair types will require different types of hair dryers, so we’ve found some of the most recommended to create those salon-caliber blowouts.

Conair 1875W Mid-Size Hair Dryer — $10, was $17

The white version of the 1875W Mid-Size Blow Dryer from Conair.Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you’re looking for a hair dryer to get the job done without a lot of unnecessary fluff, take this offering from Conair. It uses two simple heat and speed settings that get the job done on command without adding complications that nobody wants early in the morning. You’ll also like the 5-foot cord, which is the perfect length for freedom of movement, but not so much that the cord becomes a bother during storage.

Revlon 1875W Ionic Hair Dryer — $16, was $18

The Revlon 1875W Ionic Hair Dryer with attachment.Image used with permission by copyright holder

This offering from Revlon gives you more control over your hair. It provides three heat settings and a quick trigger cold burst if you feel your hair getting close to burning. Then, you can add a concentrator tip, which (when combined with the fact that this hair dryer is a lightweight 1.5 pounds) allows for precision styling. Also note that this blow dryer is ionic, meaning it will produce less frizz and more shine.

Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat + Ceramic Hair Dryer — $20, was $26

The Revlon 1875 Infrared Heat + Ceramic Hair Dryer with its two attachments.Image used with permission by copyright holder

This Revlon hair dryer emphasizes its infrared heating, which can lead to an interesting experience. Infrared heat, which is a ray-based radiant heat, is more of a point-and-shoot style heating system that doesn’t feel entirely different that the warming rays of the sun. Combine this with two heat/speed settings, standard air heating, and attachments for concentrating and diffusing the air streams and you’ve got a pretty interesting blow dryer.

Conair Double Ceramic Hair Dryer — $22, was $37

The Conair Double Ceramic Hair Dryer without its attachment.Image used with permission by copyright holder

What does it mean to have double ceramic technology? Even heat. As there are two sources of heat, the warmth of the hair dryer can be emitted evenly, creating less hotspots. Think of it as the law of averages. Conair’s Double Ceramic Hair Dryer has three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot trigger. It also has a concentrator attachment, to give you even more precise control over the styling tool’s airflow.

iFanze Professional Ionic Hair Blow Dryer (Advanced Version) — $24, was $100

Multiple depictions of the iFanze Professional Ionic Hair Blow Dryer Advanced Version and attachments.Image used with permission by copyright holder

This hair dryer is set to dry your hair in a consistent time, at a consistent temperature, at a low noise level. The iFanze Professional Ionic Hair Blow Dryer is able to finish drying short hair in about two minutes, medium-sized (about shoulder length) hair in around four minutes, and long hair in about eight minutes. It uses internal heat checks at a rate of once per second to make sure the air coming out of it is consistent, meaning you won’t get a nasty shock from an overheated stream of air and you can count on your iFanze to be a predictable part of your post-shower routine. This hair dryer has three temperature modes and comes with a concentrator attachment, a smoothing nozzle, and a diffuser for reducing frizz amongst curls.

Conair InfinitiPRO Performa Series Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer — $54, was $64

The Conair InfinitiPRO Performa Series Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer at a side view with no attachments shown.Image used with permission by copyright holder

The InfinitiPRO Performa from Conair is a serious blow dryer with four attachments to make your style exactly what you want it to be. It features three heats, two speeds, a cold shot button, and a professional style AC motor that 50% faster than DC motors. But where it really shines is the attachments. The thermal concentrator promotes a sleek and shiny finish while the regular concentrator focuses on precision airflow control. The thermal pik provides a combo of the detangling of a comb with the lift you expect from an advanced hair dryer. Finally, use the diffuser to provide gentle airflow over, under, and through curls and waves to get them dry without the frizz.

Cosy Companions 150000 RPM Brushless Motor Negative Ionic Blow Dryer — $100, was $170

Two views of the Cosy Companions Blow Dryer plus its attachment.Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you want to get your hair dry fast, try this. Its super-high RPM motor pushes out air at a speed of 36m/s. The effect? Dry hair in two to five minutes, depending on length and volume. With such airflow, Cosy Companions knows that keeping a steady temperature is vital, so the air temperature is measured by internal sensors over 100 times per second. Never forget what heat setting you’re on or fret about a finger accidentally brushing over the control either, as their are easily recognizable LED colorations for the Cosy Companions’ heat settings as well. See red when the air is hot, yellow when it is warm, and a green for cool. Due to its thin design, the Cost Companions hair dryer is only 0.82 pounds. Its tight filter prevents one of the biggest fears users have with this type of hair dryer, too, getting your hair sucked in the back!

Shark HyperAir Hair Blow Dryer — $180, was $230

A woman holding the Shark HyperAir Hair Blow Dryer.Image used with permission by copyright holder

Shark is a company known for making great air-moving devices at a reasonable price. From the best room vacuum cleaner deals to the best air purifier deals, you’re sure to see the Shark name somewhere on the list. And they are no different when it comes to hair dryers. The Shark HyperAir uses a combo of heated air and ionized air, all blasted at a fast pace, to make for quick drying times. It is also quite smart, able to employ “IQ stylers” that take the guesswork out of settings optimization on your blow dryer. It comes with an IQ Styling Brush, which dries, straightens, and shines, and a concentrator attachment.

How to buy a hair dryer

What is my hair type?

Your hair type will determine how you can style your hair and what products you should be using. Do you have fine hair, medium hair, or coarse hair? If you have fine hair your hair is smaller in circumference and feels very thin. Thin hair has less resistance to heat so people with fine hair texture can be prone to heat damage.

How do I choose a hairdryer?

To ensure that you’re not damaging your hair you have to choose a hair dryer for your hair type. If you have thin hair, a ceramic hair dryer is the better option, while an ionic hairdryer is better suited for thick hair. If you have curly hair you’re going to want a hair dryer with a diffuser to lock in curls while drying.

What is the difference between ceramic and ionic?

Remember not all hair dryers are created equally. Ceramic hair dryers regulate heat temperatures so that high-intensity heat doesn’t damage thin hair. Ionic hair dryers produce negatively charged ions to break down positively charged water molecules. Ionic are more costly but are great for cutting down frizzy hair.

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