Best Diablo 4 Rogue builds: recommended skills, passives, and gear
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Best Diablo 4 Rogue builds: recommended skills, passives, and gear

Rogues are always an enticing class to play as in RPGs like Diablo 4. These characters have plenty of different tricks and options open to them, making them versatile, but always deadly, no matter what World Tier you’re on. With so many options to pick from, such as melee or ranged, trap types, and different status effects, it can feel overwhelming when trying to figure out what is worth investing in to make a powerful Rogue. Rather than tinker endlessly with all the possible combinations of this class, we’ll give you two powerful Rogue builds to make you more formidable in Diablo 4.

Rogue overview

Rogues are meant to be fast and deadly. They have very high damage-per-second (DPS) potential to make up for lower defense and HP, as well as numerous tricks like bombs and traps to keep themselves safe. This is one of the more active classes in Diablo 4, requiring you to manage your cooldowns and be more active during fights compared to more tanky classes. You’ll need to be more precise playing a Rogue because many of their skills need to be targeted. However, thanks to some powerful synergies, mastering this class could make you one of the most powerful members of your team.

Ranged build

A rogue shooting a flurry of arrows.Activision Blizzard

Unless you’re absolutely certain you can take out an enemy before they can land any significant blows on you, a ranged Rogue build is the safest bet. Don’t let that get you down, though, because Rogues are arguably even more deadly at a distance than up-close. Here’s a strong range build to mop up enemies before they even have a chance to touch you. Feel free to use either a bow or crossbow depending on your preference.

Must-have skills

Penetrating Shot: This is going to be your basic attack in many ways. As the name suggests, this skill shoots an arrow that penetrates all enemies to hit as many as you can get lined up, though at slightly reduced damage than a normal shot. It also has a chance for a Lucky hit, but make sure you get the Enhanced Penetrating Shot as well to increase the damage the shot does by a percentage for each enemy it hits.

Forceful Arrow: This skill is not so much going to be used for DPS, but rather its utility. It deals a low percentage of your damage, but has two benefits. First is the knockback, which is great for any enemy getting too close for comfort, and second is that every third time you cast it, it will inflict Vulnerable on whatever you hit for 2 seconds. Vulnerable makes enemies take 20% more damage for the duration.

Caltrops: Your only trap-type skill on this build will be the Caltrops. Throw these damaging spikes out at the beginning of any encounter with a mob, or when you feel pressured. They deal decent damage, but also cause enemies to become slow, so you can safely create distance.

Dark Shroud: No matter how agile and careful you are, something will eventually catch up to you. This is where Dark Shroud comes in handy by summoning up to five shadows that each reduce incoming damage, but get dispelled with every hit you take. Upgrade to the Subverting Dark Shroud to add on bonus movement speed for each shadow in play.

Shadow Imbuement: Of any of the imbuements, we recommend going with Shadow Imbuement. This skill buffs the next skill you use with Shadow damage that causes enemies infected by it to explode upon death and damage any nearby enemies. Considering the Rogue’s general lack of crowd control, this skill is essential to give you at least some utility against bigger groups.

Must-have passives

Sturdy: Not a glamorous skill, but the less damage you take from close range, the better off you’ll be.

Agile: Every time you use a cooldown, you gain an increase to your dodge chance for a few seconds, which is always a welcome surprise.

Adrenaline Rush: Simply moving makes you regain your Energy faster. Since you should be mobile essentially all the time, this keeps your skills up and ready way more often.

Gear suggestions

For your weapon, you will want to go with a bow or crossbow, though we lean more on the bow side for the faster attack speed. Look for one with good Core Skill and Vulnerable damage buffs.

Helmets will be best with Cooldown reduction and any Skill Ranks, if possible.

Your Armor should have the best buff to ranged damage you can find, plus Life increases.

A good pair of Gloves will give you faster attack speed and Critical Strike chances as a nice bonus, if possible.

Pants have a chance to have Dark Shroud Skill Ranks, so aim for that.

Boots can focus on more movement speed and dodge chance.

Trap build

A rogue slashing two skeletons.Activision Blizzard

Even though you may not think a Rogue can be a good crowd-control class, they certainly can with a bit of creativity. This build combines a dual-knives-style build with all the tricks of traps to make a complex, but satisfying and formidable build.

Must-have skills

Twisting Blades: Taking advantage of your knives, Twisting Blades strikes an enemy with one blade, leaving it in them for a few seconds. While impaled, that enemy will take increased damage before the blade automatically recalls to you like Thor’s Hammer, even hitting enemies in its path. Power it up with Advanced Twisting Blades to make every enemy your blade hits on the way back reduce all your Cooldowns by a small amount.

Poison Trap: Our first trap is a big fat Poison Trap. The main function of this trap is not the initial damage, but all the additional effects it has. Poison is a given, but you can add on a Knockdown effect with Enhanced Poison Trap, and then stack Subverting Poison Trap to deal more Poison damage to enemies in your trap.

Shadow Step: To keep you mobile and out of danger as much as possible, Shadow Step turns you Unstoppable as you dash across the screen to a target enemy to backstab them.

Dash: It might seem like overkill, but you’ll be glad to have two options to escape danger when one is on cooldown. Dash not only moves you around lightning-fast, but even attacks enemies in your path on the way.

Death Trap: As an Ultimate, Death Trap does exactly what it says. When you lay one of these bad boys down, it will deal massive damage, but it gets so much better when you add on Prime Death Trap to pull enemies toward it when it activates and Supreme Death Trap to reduce its cooldown for every enemy it kills.

Must-have passives

The only passive we’d suggest that’s different from the prior build would be Deadly Venom to buff your poison damage, which you can further improve to Debilitating Toxins to make any poisoned enemy deal less damage.

Gear suggestions

Gear on this build is simple enough. Most will be the same as the previous build, except you’ll want to prioritize poison damage buffs and melee damage.

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