Best Cyber Monday headphone deals still going strong — cheapest Bose QC45 ever, AirPods Pro 2 $50 off
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Best Cyber Monday headphone deals still going strong — cheapest Bose QC45 ever, AirPods Pro 2 $50 off

Cyber Monday may have been and gone but there are plenty of headphone deals still going strong, as headphone makers continue to offer some of the best Cyber Monday deals we’ve seen overall. 

Even if you’ve put off shopping until now, you can find some steep price cuts on many of our top headphone picks. For example, the Apple AirPods Pro 2 are now $199 at Amazon, which is $50 off. Another great deal is the Bose QuietComfort 45 for $229, which is $100 off and the lowest price ever. 

Not sure which ones are right for you? Check out our lists of the best wireless headphones, best noise-cancelling headphones and the best sport headphones. And be sure to check our Cyber Monday deals live blog for ongoing updates on the best bargains.

Our expert ears have experience testing most of the models listed here, so we’re confident you’ll be getting the best performance for a bargain price.

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How to choose the best headphones for you

Many factors come into play when shopping for the best headphones, but your decision should always come down to intended use. That being said, you’ll want to take the following categories into account before settling on any pair.

Design: Are you looking for in-ear, on-ear or over-ear headphones? Wired or wireless? Luxury or sporty? Since these are headphones that will be used for multiple occasions, you want something that suits your lifestyle. Whatever type you choose, make sure the headphones are well built, easy to carry, and comfy to wear for about 1 to 2 hours daily.

Sound quality: Different models offer different sound, and since you’re buying a pair to enjoy music individually, it’s important to find headphones that match your sound preference, be it heavy bass or distinctively clear to where you can hear the littlest nuances in recordings. Some models offer personalized sound via companion app, which allows the user to create their own profiles and tweak EQ levels to their hearing.

Battery life: Long battery life – such as Sennheiser’s 60-hour or Marshall’s 80-hour figures — is a real crowd pleaser, but most wireless over-ear headphones typically manage around half that. Wireless earbuds can last about 5 to 10 hours and offer extended playtime with their bundled charging cases — always make sure one is included.

Accessories: It’s disappointing spending money on a new pair of headphones only to find that you need to buy the accessories separately. For wired models, the manufacturer must include the aux cable, and any headphones that come with a carrying case, charging cable, user guide, and extra ear cups or tips are solid purchases.

Pricing considerations: Obviously, price is a big consideration when looking for the best headphones. Although there are always exceptions, big-name brands will typically command a bit extra, but generally speaking, the less you spend on a pair of headphones the greater the chance that sound and features will be compromised. Going for a budget option isn’t always the best choice, as any money you save on your purchase won’t do you much good if you’re constantly needing to recharge your audio gear, or the sound quality is poor. 

As the saying goes: timing is everything; and right now is a great time if your looking to pick up a bargain. Many of our favorite models are discounted and were scouring retailers to bring you the latest price drops to help you get great performance for less. Also make sure you follow our Cyber Monday deals page for all the best discounts on all things tech for the home.