AT&T Launches Upgraded 5G Game View for WNBA Fans
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AT&T Launches Upgraded 5G Game View for WNBA Fans

AT&T Evolves the WNBA Fan Experience with the Newest Version of AT&T 5G Game View™

More Real-Time Data and Customized Stats Through Augmented Reality (AR)

What’s the news? AT&T*, the Official 5G Innovation Partner of the WNBA, now offers WNBA fans a way to customize content and interact with the game unlike ever before with the upgraded AT&T 5G Game View. Using augmented reality, fans can see game and player stats during live games, watch customizable clips and access real-time 3D stats. Available now, WNBA fans can download AT&T 5G Game View on iOS and Android through the WNBA app.

With the new features, AT&T 5G Game View has the potential to revolutionize the way fans interact with the sport they love, providing more insight into their favorite teams and players than ever before.

Why is this important?

In collaboration with the WNBA and developed with Nexus Studios, AT&T 5G Game View was designed and built as an interactive experience with the goal of providing fans the opportunity to choose and customize the content they want to see. The new features for the updated AT&T 5G Game View include:

  • For the first time ever, fans can view clips from every WNBA Playoff game thanks to a collaboration with industry-leading clips provider WSC. They can choose which team, player and plays they want to see and curate their clips experience accordingly, offering a customizable dashboard and a unique experience for each individual user.
  • Greater level of stats personalization with the ability for fans to customize tabs to create their own unique widget.
  • New ‘drill down’ feature offers fans the option to select and analyze individual players or the entire team. Users can intuitively see every play on the court by scrolling through key stats and play styles.
  • Also introduced in this version is the “calendar” view, giving visibility over future games and access to the full archive of previous games as far back as 2018.

Where can I get it?

Through the collaboration of AT&T and the WNBA, fans can experience AT&T 5G Game View in the top menu of the WNBA app. AT&T 5G Game View is now available through the postseason.

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