Anker 757 PowerHouse Giveaway: Win a portable power station
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Anker 757 PowerHouse Giveaway: Win a portable power station

Anker 757 PowerHouse portable power station sits on white background.Image used with permission by copyright holder

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The Anker 757 PowerHouse is, as the name suggests, an absolute energy powerhouse. It is a long-lasting portable power station with a 1,229-watt-hour capacity and a 1,500-watt output. Thanks to Hyper Flash tech, it can recharge to 80% in just one hour, and it supports 300-watt solar charging, plus has 13 total ports for all of your devices and gear.

What’s the big deal, you ask? Now is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on one for free. You can win it, simply by entering the sweepstakes you see below. Keep reading for more details.

What is the Anker 757 PowerHouse portable power station?

Anker 757 PowerHouse in use outdoors for movie night and more.Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you didn’t already know, a portable power station is a relatively versatile system that can charge devices, power electronics, and some appliances, and can even keep the power on during outages in some cases, not necessarily by connecting to your home’s sub-panel. They’re also excellent for off-grid and remote living.

Well, the Anker 757 PowerHouse is one such power station, billed as one of the longest-lasting, and fastest-charging options. It can be charged via solar, with the right panels, or via a wall outlet at home or away. When it’s all charged, you can bring it with you just about anywhere to power up your gear. It works while camping, on a road trip, or even in your backyard if you want to have an outdoor movie night. It’s easy to use, and always ready to go with 13 outlets total, including AC, DC, and USB ports. You can plug in your tablets, phones, computers, small electronics, and so much more. Living in a van down by the river and want some coffee? Plug in a coffee pot and get it brewing.

Powered by LFP (LiFePO4) batteries, it will last for about 3,000 charge cycles, which is six times longer than comparable systems. Moreover, it charges fast, up to 80% in just one hour, so you’re not waiting around long when it does need more power. Even more impressive, it has a 50,000-hour life expectancy rating on all electronic components, which is five times the industry average.

Sounds cool, right? But you’re probably wondering how to enter the sweepstakes and how it all works. We don’t blame you, so keep scrolling.

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What is the Anker 757 PowerHouse giveaway and how do I enter?

Anker 757 PowerHouse resting on shelf.Anker

Now’s your chance to win the Anker 757 PowerHouse! Starting at 9 a.m. PT on September 15, you’ll be able to enter a giveaway to win the power station, right here on this very page. The final entry date is 11 a.m. PT on October 30, with one lucky winner to be selected a few days later — on November 2, at 9 a.m. PT.

Good luck everyone!

Please be advised that although you’ll be able to enter the giveaway here, Anker is handling the event and the product shipment to the winner. Anker has promised to ship to the winner a day after the announcement on November 3, 2022.

Anker 757 Powerhouse Giveaway

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