All Starfield Status Effects and how to cure them
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All Starfield Status Effects and how to cure them

Want to know how to cure deadly status effects in Starfield? Exploring alien planets comes with plenty of danger, and it’s not just creatures and pirates. Starfield has a host of status effects that can hit your character, from infections to broken bones. These can put a real damper on your adventure, hampering your mobility, draining your health, and more.

In this guide we’ll explain all the different status effects and afflictions you can receive in Starfield, and how to cure each and every one of them with the right item.

In this guide:

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How to check Status Effects in Starfield

There are 18 different status effects in Starfield, and each one has a different cure. To check which status effects you are currently suffering from, open the Character Menu and hit the “Status” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

From the “Status” screen you can select “Status Effects”, the first option in the menu list on the left. If you’re suffering from any afflictions such as Lung Damage or a Fractured Limb, they will be listed on the right-hand side of your screen. If nothing is listed, you’re free from any status effects!

You will also get an icon for each status effect you’re suffering from inside the compass HUD element in the bottom-left of your screen while you’re playing. If you see any icons there, you’re suffering from (or in danger of) some sort of affliction. If you don’t know what the icon represents, then you can find out more information in the “Status Effects” screen using the instructions above.

The Status Effects section of the Starfield menu.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

How to heal all Status Effects in Starfield

You can heal a Status Effect either by going to see a doctor, or by consuming the correct type of Aid item. It costs 1000 credits to pay a doctor to cure you of any status effects, so you should only do this if you lack the correct type of aid item for your specific affliction.

Below is a list of all status effects in Starfield and how to cure each of them:

Status Effect Cure
Brain Injury Injector or Snake Oil
Burn Heal Paste
Concussion Injector or Snake Oil
Contusion Bandages or Zipper Bandages
Dislocated Limb Immobilizer
Fractured Limb Immobilizer
Fractured Skull Immobilizer
Frostbite Heal Paste
Heatstroke Injector or Snake Oil
Hernia Injector or Snake Oil
Hypothermia Injector or Snake Oil
Infection Antibiotics
Laceration Bandages or Zipper Bandages
Lung Damage Injector or Snake Oil
Poisoned Injector or Snake Oil
Puncture Wound Bandages or Zipper Bandages
Radiation Poisoning Injector or Snake Oil
Torn Muscle Immobilizer

The player inventory in Starfield, with an Injector item selected.
From a Hernia to Concussion, an Injector can cure all sorts of ailments | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

Not every store will carry every kind of medicine, but you can usually find the majority of it in big cities. You’ll also pick up a bunch of medicine while simply exploring, so don’t be afraid to use it when you need it.

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That’s everything you need to know about curing status effects in Starfield. If you need money to buy medicine, make sure to check out our Starfield pickpocketing guide. If you get caught pickpocketing though, our guide on how to remove a bounty will come in handy. If you need more help with Bethesda’s latest open-world epic, we’ve also got guides for the best builds, romance options and the skills list.