Alan Wake Is Finally Getting Its Long Awaited Sequel
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Alan Wake Is Finally Getting Its Long Awaited Sequel

Control developer Remedy Entertainment made a surprise appearance at this year’s Game Awards to announce a sequel to the cult-hit game Alan Wake. Simply titled Alan Wake 2, the game is set to release in 2023.

Alan Wake 2 Reveal Trailer | Game Awards 2021

In a teaser trailer, Alan Wake 2‘s namesake character appears bloody and much more grizzly, with gore smeared around his mouth. In the first game, Wake was a hapless writer thrown into a nightmarish world dominated by evil creatures made out of darkness. Wake’s iconic flashlight, which he used to fend off the creatures, was also absent from the trailer, with the character instead holding up a dimly lit lamp.

According to Sam Lake, the creative director of Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake 2 will be a far cry from its predecessor. Instead of being action-oriented — in the last game, Wake blew enemies away with a shotgun — Alan Wake 2 will be a survival horror title, leaning more into the game’s terrifying traits. It’s also not clear how deep Alan Wake 2‘s ties with Control will be. Remedy revealed that the two games exist in the same universe, meaning a potential crossover could be on the way.

Fans looking forward to the game will have to wait to hear more about it, though. Lake said that Alan Wake 2 is early in development and that Remedy likely won’t be able to show off any of the game until summer 2022.

Alan Wake was also recently remastered, launching this past October across all platforms save for the Switch.

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