8 actors who should star in Superman: Legacy (and who they should play)
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8 actors who should star in Superman: Legacy (and who they should play)

James Gunn’s film Superman: Legacy is now one of the most highly anticipated comic book movies in the world. As it is the first film in Gunn’s new DC Universe, many fans wonder what they can expect to see in this superhero blockbuster.

Specifically, they’re wondering who will play the new Superman in this film, along with his friends and adversaries. Since casting for the movie is still up in the air, here is a list of actors who should appear in Superman: Legacy and who they should play.

Wolfgang Novogratz as Clark Kent/Superman

Wolfgang Novogratz as Chris in "Yes, God, Yes."Image used with permission by copyright holder

This young and rising actor, who played opposite Natalie Dyer in Yes, God, Yes, seems to be fans’ latest contender to play the Man of Steel, and it’s easy to see why. Novogratz bears a striking resemblance to Henry Cavill and Christopher Reeve, and he has conveyed the charm and charisma necessary to play the blue boy scout on-screen, making him fit to play a young Superman in Gunn’s new origin story.

Camila Mendes as Lois Lane

Veronica in "Riverdale."Image used with permission by copyright holder

True to Superman’s origins, Gunn’s film will show Clark Kent in his first days at the Daily Planet working with Lois Lane. Since the latter is an integral part of the hero’s life, finding the right Lois is just as important as finding the right Superman.

Based on her performance as Veronica on the hit show Riverdale, Camila Mendes can easily bring her character’s confidence, intelligence, and determination to play Lois as the strong and courageous reporter fans know and love.

Robert Downey Jr. as Lex Luthor

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man in the MUC movies, looking worried.Image used with permission by copyright holder

Though Robert Downey Jr. is known for portraying the brilliant but tortured hero Iron Man, Lex Luthor wouldn’t be so much of a stretch from playing Tony Stark.

They’re both intelligent but narcissistic billionaires with daddy issues and a not-so-spotless track record. RDJ’s recently shaven head shows that he can rock the “Luthor look,” but his charm and quick wit can help him create a villain surpassing Gene Hackman’s divisive but iconic iteration of the character.

Ralph Fiennes as Brainiac

Ralph Fiennes in a chef's jacket looking angered in a scene from The Menu.Image used with permission by copyright holder

For years, fans have been dying to see Superman take on the Collector of Worlds in theaters, and he was actually supposed to appear in Henry Cavill’s canceled sequel to Man of Steel. But there’s a chance that Brainiac will appear in Gunn’s new vision of Superman, and if anyone should play the Terror of Kandor, it’s Ralph Fiennes.

This adored thespian is no stranger to playing iconic villains, as he famously portrayed the likes of Amon Göth (Schindler’s List), Francis Dolarhyde (Red Dragon), Hades (Clash of the Titans), Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter franchise), and Chef Slowik (The Menu). Thus, adding the role of Brainiac to his illustrious filmography should be an easy task for him.

Rupert Grint as Jimmy Olsen

Rupert Grint looking into a crib, shocked in a scene from Servant on Apple TV+.Image used with permission by copyright holder

This wouldn’t be the first time he’s played the best friend of a beloved superhero. Rupert Grint is widely known for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, but he has since gone on to expand his acting skills in a wide variety of projects. In addition, he has displayed extraordinary comedic timing with his roles in Servant and Knock at the Cabin. For these reasons, he could bring something new to Jimmy Olsen’s character by making him a wisecracking but lovable partner of Lois and Clark.

Brendan Fraser as Jonathan Kent

Brendan Fraser looks to his side in The Whale.A24

Brendan Fraser actually auditioned to play the Man of Steel in J.J. Abrams’s canceled film, Superman: Flyby. While the Oscar-winning actor has no regrets about losing out on this sought-after role, portraying Kal-El’s adoptive father in the DC Universe could still make up for this missed opportunity.

Fraser can surely bring forth Pa Kent’s kind and sage presence that has guided Clark Kent into becoming the Earth’s greatest hero time and time again.

Winona Ryder as Martha Kent

Winona Ryder – Stranger Things (Netflix)Image used with permission by copyright holder

Another acclaimed actor who made a stellar comeback, Winona Ryder could undoubtedly nail the role of the concerned but loving mother of Superman just as she did in Stranger Things.

Since the latter show is coming to an end real soon, Ryder could have time to jump into the superhero genre. Hopefully, if Ryder does get the chance to play Martha Kent in Gunn’s film, she will be given enough screen time to deliver a well-rounded performance deserving of her talents.

Jason Alexander as Perry White

Jason Alexander as George Costanza in Seinfeld.NBC / NBC

It’s easy to see Jason Alexander in a comic book movie since his iconic Seinfeld character George Costanza displayed quite a love for Superman. Based on his performance as the latter, it’s also not that hard to imagine him playing Clark Kent’s tough and irritable boss, Perry White.

Alexander can dominate any scene by harnessing the anxiety-induced rage and comedic prowess he unleashed on Seinfeld. Bringing this energy to playing Perry White can make him a hilarious paragon on par with J.K. Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson.

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