5 Best Cheap Laptops Under $100
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5 Best Cheap Laptops Under $100

HP Chromebook 14 14-inch

Have you ever owned an HP before? Their computers are known to last, and this one is likely no exception. For under $100 you’re getting a 14-inch screen (larger than the biggest screen option on a MacBook Air), an SSD (Solid State Drive—this is what you want as opposed to an HDD if you’re going for long-term reliability), and Chrome OS. What does that mean?

So Chrome OS is based off Chrome (the best Internet browser that exists right now, thank you Google). Although Chromebooks can’t access as many software programs as Windows computers, they are undeniably more secure, offer more value at lower price points, are easier to use, and are simply a better choice for many users. Unless you’re an advanced user that needs specific tools that are only available on Windows, a Chromebook is probably a better laptop for your needs.

Here’s another reason why I suggest getting a Chromebook: at this price range, it would be hard to find a Windows or Mac with an SSD. SSDs are known for being more reliable and lasting longer than HDDs. But what are SSDs and HDDs? Do you want me to get geeky? Yes? Okay!

So SSDs are solid state drives, which quite literally means they are solid and contain no moving parts. They’re basically just a ton of microchips clumped together. HDDs, or hard disk drives, are complex mechanical gadgets that write and store data. Platters, spindles, actuator arms, and a plethora of other complex mechanical components can be found inside an HDD. Moving parts are fun to look at, but when it comes to computers, you want to keep them at a minimum.

This HP should still be in stock, but keep in mind that many of these deals fly off the shelves quickly! Therefore, sometimes you may not be able to find this exact product in our inventory, but we always have a ton of similar deals that keep coming, so make sure to check the following links often! Yay for refurbished laptops!